Seaweed Services

There are several processing and other technologies, equipment and industry support services for the seaweed industry that enable efficient and sustainable seaweed production, processing, and distribution.

Seaweed Apps & Tools

There are several apps available that can help seaweed farmers manage their farms more effectively. These apps provide tools for tracking growth rates, water quality, and environmental conditions, as well as alerts for potential issues such as disease outbreaks or extreme weather events.

Blockchain technology is being used in the seaweed industry to track the origin and quality of seaweed products.


Seaweed Processing Technology

Equipment and technologies are used for Seaweed harvesting, drying and processing.

Biorefinery technologies can be used to extract and process bioactive compounds from seaweed, such as polysaccharides, proteins, and pigments. These compounds have a range of applications in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Seaweed Stakeholder Ecosystems

The seaweed industry involves a range of stakeholders, including seaweed farmers, processors, distributors, researchers, policymakers, and consumers. These stakeholders form a complex ecosystem that plays a critical role in the success and sustainability of the industry.

There are many associations and alliances in the seaweed industry around the world.


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